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Craig Medson
Journey III
bronze and granite
46 x 26 x 10 cm


The materials I use in my sculptures have been around since time immemorial; marble, sandstone, granite and bronze have been used in sculptures for thousands of years. I like the permanence of these materials but I like to use them in a contemporary manner – give them a fresh approach by sometimes combining 2 or 3 materials. Stone sculpture has always had connotations of heavy, dense mass. I try and make my sculptures appear light and rhythmic, often belying the weight they really are. I also like to add the element of movement to add more interest.

Many of my sculptures are related to the natural Elements - earth, air, fire, water. Recurring forms such as the sphere, the circle and the tear drop symbolise some of these basic elements. Other sculptures try to symbolise more abstract notions such as the passage of time and eternity.

My aim is to try and create sculptures that emit an aura of beauty, harmony, balance and peace.

Craig Medson