Fred Williams Estate
Avenel, 1973

Fred Williams (1927–1982) was a painter and printmaker whose distinctive vision of the Australian landscape fundamentally altered the way the Australian continent is viewed and depicted. One of Australia’s most eminent and influential landscape artists, Williams’ work can be seen as a modernist reinterpretation of the Heidelberg tradition, representing the most significant development in Australian landscape painting since the impressionism of the Heidelberg School in the late 19th century.

Selected Artworks

Fred Williams
The tangled kite, Kew billabong, 1977
oil on canvas
151.8 x 121.5cm
Fred Williams
Regenerating grass trees IX, 1980
gouache and polymer paint on arches paper
51 x 75.5cm
Image size: 30.5 x 75.5 cm
Fred Williams
Village in Sussex, 1953-1955
watercolour on paper
21 x 29cm
Fred Williams
Feeding baby, 1955-1956
9.5 x 11cm
ed. 9 of 20
Fred Williams
Acacias No. 1, 1974
28 x 23cm
ed. 11 of 15
Fred Williams
The bath, 1955-1956
17 x 7.5cm
ed. 3 of 7
Fred Williams
Stump, 1976-1978
49.3 x 46cm
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