Lisa Adams
Lisa Adams, The beekeepers, 2017
Davida Allen
Davida Allen, The walk in bush, 2018
Rick Amor
Rick Amor, Inner suburb, 2013
Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson, Koriak Coast, 2017
Peter Boggs
Peter Boggs, Reflections in an empty room, 2016
Robert Brownhall
Robert Brownhall, Man reconsidering house colour, 2006
Cressida Campbell
Cressida Campbell, Still life with dragonfly , 2016-2017
Jun Chen
Jun Chen, Red magnolia, 2019
Peter Churcher
Peter Churcher, Raimond, 2014
Kirsten Coelho
Kirsten Coelho, Departure, 2018
Ray Crooke Estate
Ray Crooke Estate, Spear fisherman, Fiji, 2002
Lawrence Daws
Lawrence Daws, Glasshouse Mountains with poinciana, 2012
Robert Dickerson Estate
Robert Dickerson Estate, The picnic, 1994
Neil Frazer
Neil Frazer, Rocky break, 2018
Gwyn Hanssen Pigott Estate
Gwyn Hanssen Pigott Estate, Still life with two bowls, 2011
Nicholas Harding
Nicholas Harding, Brachina, 2016
Ralph Heimans
Ralph Heimans, Portrait of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, 2017
John Honeywill
John Honeywill, October magnolias, 2019
Barry Humphries
Barry Humphries, In the Flinders, 2010
Michael McWilliams
Michael McWilliams, Mixed lamb with vegetables, 2013
Vera Möller
Vera Möller, slow indigo (detail), 2015
Justin O'Brien Estate
Justin O'Brien Estate, The virgin with angels, 1970
Margaret Olley Estate
Margaret Olley Estate, Chinese screen with still life, 1997
John Olsen
John Olsen, The poet's garden, 2015
Jude Rae
Jude Rae, SL 404, 2019
William Robinson
William Robinson, Passage of light from the sea at Numinbah, 2002
Wendy Sharpe
Wendy Sharpe, Self portrait in Florence with Bernard Ollis, 2009
Gordon Shepherdson Estate
Gordon Shepherdson Estate, High swans, 1993
Leonard Shillam Estate
Leonard Shillam Estate, Sniffing kangaroo, 1990
Kathleen Shillam Estate
Kathleen Shillam Estate, Expectant cat, 1987
Jeffrey Smart Estate
Jeffrey Smart Estate, After the siesta, 2006
Tim Storrier
Tim Storrier, The Arcadian Repose, 2015-16
June Tupicoff
June Tupicoff, Shifting light, 2015
Fred Williams Estate
Fred Williams Estate, Avenel, 1973
Ralph Wilson
Ralph Wilson, Fine,
Philip Wolfhagen
Philip Wolfhagen, A Painter's Landscape X, 2016
John Young
John Young, Moment I, 2015
Michael Zavros
Michael Zavros, The lobster, 2013
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