Kirsten Coelho
Departure, 2018 (Archive Image)

Kirsten Coelho (b. 1966, Denmark) is a leading Australian contemporary ceramicist living and working in Adelaide, South Australia. Coelho works in porcelain, producing reduction fired works that attempt to fuse the formal and the abstract. Her work has been recently influenced by nineteenth and early twentieth century enamel wares and the abstracted surface possibilities these objects can show as they begin to age.

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Selected Artworks

Kirsten Coelho
Cloak, 2022
porcelain, satin white glaze, cobalt glaze
25.5 x 30cm x 26cm
Kirsten Coelho
Return, 2022
porcelain, matte white glaze, iron oxide
27 x 48cm x 23cm
Kirsten Coelho
Retain, 2022
porcelain, matte white glaze, iorn oxide
25 x 30cm x 22cm
Kirsten Coelho
Bottle and cup II, 2022
porcelain, matte white glaze, iron oxide, saturated iron glaze
26 x 15cm x 15cm
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