26 July – 20 August
Cressida Campbell
Justin O'Brien Estate
The virgin with angels, 1970 (Archive Image)

Justin O’Brien (b.1917, Sydney - d.1996, Rome, Italy) was a major Australian post-war figurative artist best known for his colourful and exuberant depictions of religious themes. A contemporary and friend of artists Jeffrey Smart, Margaret Olley, and Donald Friend – O’Brien, like a number of his peers, lived and worked abroad for much of his career. In addition to his religious paintings, O’Brien worked in still-life, portraits and landscapes.

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Selected Artworks

Justin O'Brien
Woman wearing a pink scarf, c.1993
oil on paper on board
55 x 41cm
Justin O'Brien
Reclining figure on a terrace, c.1986
oil on paper
48 x 33.5cm
Justin O'Brien
Girl in mantilla , 1995
oil on paper on board
56 x 42cm
Justin O'Brien
Nude in moonlight, 1993
oil on paper on board
53 x 34cm
Justin O'Brien
Portrait of a boy in a red jacket, c.1976
oil on board
41 x 33cm
Justin O'Brien
Still life with jug and fruit (Study for 'Still life against trees' I), 1993
oil on paper on board
33 x 48cm
Justin O'Brien
Nude, 1993
oil on paper on board
48 x 30cm
Justin O'Brien
Dormition on the Virgin, 1965
mixed media on paper on board
30 x 34cm
Justin O'Brien
Roses from Trastevere, 1980s
ink and watercolour
45 x 32cm
Justin O'Brien
Journey to Bethlehem, c.1961
watercolour, conte and pencil
31 x 45.5cm
Justin O'Brien
Drawing for a classical composition, 1945
ink and wash
36 x 42cm
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