The Artist's Mount,
100 x 103 x 260cm
edition of 3
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Tim Storrier, The Artist's Mount,
bronze, 100 x 103 cm x 260cm, edition of 3
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Tim Storrier
Voyager, 2022
bronze, ed. of 3
200cm high
Tim Storrier
Haze and reflected burnline, 2023
acrylic on canvas
107 x 244cm
Tim Storrier
Garland and Tempest , 2003
synthetic polymer paint on canvas
122 x 245cm
Tim Storrier
The flag, Camp at Relay, 1977
mixed media
49.5 x 52.5cm
(one in a suite of five)
Tim Storrier
Wayfarer maquette, 2021
bronze, ed. of 50
44 x 29.5cm x 18cm
Tim Storrier
Equine Impedimenta (Tully's baggage), 2019
121 x 74cm x 150cm
edition of 10
Tim Storrier
Equine Impedimenta (Tully's baggage) maquette, 2019
36 x 22cm x 49cm
edition of 50
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