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Biographical Notes and Exhibitions

1947 Born, Sydney Australia
1964-66 National Art School, Sydney
1967-70 Graphic Artist, Horwitz Books and Ure Smith Publishers
1988 Artist in Residence, the Armidale School, Armidale
1992 Salon de Refuse Exhibition, Portrait of painter, John Coburn
  Alice Bale Traveling Art Scholarship (finalist)

Salon de Refuse Exhibition,portrait of writer, Thea Astley (People's Choice Award winner)

  Commission: Portrait of Owen Wright Esq. for Wright College, University of New England
1995 Commission: Portrait of Jill Spilsbury, Principal of Mary White College, University of New England
1996 Soho Gallery, Sydney
1997 BMG Gallery, Adelaide (Solo exhibition)
1999 BMG Gallery, Adelaide (Solo exhibition)
2001 International contemporary still life, Wolseley Fine Arts London
2002 BMG Gallery, Adelaide
2004 Philip Bacon Galleries
2007 Philip Bacon Galleries

Philip Bacon Galleries

Philip Bacon Galleries


National Library of Australia
Australian War Memorial

Holmes à Court Collection

University of New England

Wright College, University of new England

Mary White College, University of New England

The Armidale School

Private collections