artists represented

William Robinson
Bright sea at Cape Byron
oil on linen
100 x 162 cm

"There is one thing more to insist on. It is the appeal these paintings make to the senses, and never more directly or more powerfully than in the grand panoramas of the Carnarvon Gorge that compose the major part of this new exhibition: the play of paint on the canvas, the complex rhythms, the illusionistic conjuring with the effects of light and air in a technical display so easy, so uninsistent, that it looks like another form of nature. All in this celebration of the ancient landforms and vegetation of a bit of local earth whose vigorous being, and variety and otherness is taken so deeply in by the observing eye, and so lovingly and movingly remade in the creator's consciousness and the created world when we enter these landscapes, one. That is the special power of Robinson's vision, and of the visionary experience he offers us through the skill of his hand and the precision of his all encompassing gaze."

David Malouf, 2006

extract taken from 2006 exhibition catalogue