Michael Zavros
Michael Zavros' debut monograph features reproductions of more than 120 works, and essays from some of the art world’s leading figures. 

Included in the book are the various bodies of work that make up Zavros’ broad artistic practice, including his interest in still-life arrangements, self-portraiture, men’s fashion, Greek mythology and gilded interior design.


Edited by Louise Martin-Chew
Hardcover, 212 pages

Jeffrey Smart: Master of Stillness
Master of Stillness illuminates the vision of the most celebrated of Australian expatriate artists, from his beginnings in Adelaide until his last major composition painted in Italy, where he lived for five decades until his death in 2013.


Written by Barry Pearce
Soft cover, 136 pages
ISBN 9781743051238

Ray Crooke: Island Journal
Includes an interview between Ray Crooke and Martel Denham and an introduction by Peter Denham.


Written by Ray Crooke
Softcover, 117 pages
ISBN 0646393839

Ian Fairweather's "The Drunken Buddha"
Philip Bacon Galleries now stocks the Fiftieth Anniversary Edition of Ian Fairweather's remarkable translation of The Drunken Buddha.


Hard cloth cover, 180 pages. 
ISBN 9780702253461

Rick Amor
Fry follows the evolution of Amor's oeuvre with a detailed focus on key works, along with a comprehensive biography. Features 160 colour plates.


Written by Gavin Fry
Hardcover, 216 pages
ISBN 9780947349523

DVDs for sale
Philip Bacon Galleries now stocks a number of DVD documentaries on our artists, including:

Margaret Olley: A Life In Paint
Jeffrey Smart: Master Of Stillness
Wendy Sharpe: The Imagined Life
William Robinson: A Painter's Journey

$25 each

Fred Williams
The new print edition features dozens of full colour illustrations and comprehensive essays detailing the artist's life, travels, and influences.


Written by Partick McCaughey
Hardcover, 338 pages
ISBN 0858354551

Robert Brownhall: Australian Stories
Robert Brownhall: Australian Stories is the first major publication of Brownhall's work, spanning twenty years of the artist's career. With full colour illustrations and essays from writer Louise Martin-Chew and curator Victoria Rigney.


Hardcover, 196 pages
ISBN 9780646581002

Margaret Olley
The 2012 monograph on Australia's best loved artist, Margaret Olley, is now available for sale at the gallery. Featuring full colour illustrations from works throughout her career, this celebration of Margaret Olley's life traces her incredible artistic career and her outstanding contribution to the Australian arts.


Written by Barry Pearce
Hardcover, 264 pages
ISBN 9780947349585

William Robinson - The Transfigured Landscape
Published to celebrate the artist's 75th birthday exhibition across the QUT Art Museum and William Robinson Gallery in Brisbane, The Transfigured Landscape covers more than forty years of William Robinson's oeuvre and includes beautiful fold-out reproductions of his iconic landscapes.


ISBN: 978 0980 8347 10
204 pages, including eight fold-outs
Piper Press, 2011