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Marian Ellis Rowan
Marian Ellis Rowan
37 x 55 cm

Marian Ellis Rowan (1848 - 1922), often known simply as "Ellis Rowan", was renowned for her uniquely stylish botanical paintings. After marrying Captain Frederic Rowan in 1873 and temporarily moving to New Zealand, she began travelling extensively around the world, studying and painting flowers in their native habitats. Rowan provided botanical illustrations for several books, namely those by Alice Lounsberry, who was a travelling companion for the artist. Not one to shy away from danger for the sake of her art, Rowan's expeditions took her to jungles of New Guinea, where she ultimately contracted malaria and was rescued by a tribe of natives, reputedly cannibals. Her work is primarily watercolour based, and has been exhibited widely across Australia. The National Library of Australia in Canberra has almost one thousand of Rowan's botanical studies from her time spent in New Guinea, and her work is also held by the Queensland Art Gallery.

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